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Vaanathai Pola 15-05-2024 Sun TV Vanathai Pola 15.05.2024 Tamil Serial Online | Vaanathaippola 15/05/2024 Sun TV Vanathaippola Serial 15th May 2024 Watch Sun TV Vaanathaippola 15.05.24 Serial Vaanathai Pola 15/05/24 Latest Today Episode Online Vanathai Pola 15-05-2024 - Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 15-05-24 Vaanathai Pola Serial
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Watch 15-05-2024 Vanathai Pola Sun TV Serial. Enjoy Vanathai Pola in HD free online. Watch Vanathai Pola latest episode today updated. Watch free episode of Vanathai Pola in Tamil telecast on Sun Tv. Watch Vanathai Pola 15-05-2024 updated now and enjoy also more episodes of Vanathai Pola Sun TV Serial online Plot : Siblings, Chinrasu and Thulasi, who lose their parents at a young age, will go to any lengths for each other. Though Thulasi is in love with Vetri, she agrees to her brother’s wish. Follow the stirring tale of this doting brother and sister. Cast : Shreekumar, Maanya Anand, Thaman Kumar, Shwetha Khelge Cinematography : Naga Krishnan Director : A. Ramachandran, R.K - Present Producer : Uday Shankar Writer : Raj Prabhu Editor : Sajin.C Synopsis: Vanathai Pola is about the close bond between Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar) and his sister Thulasi (Shwetha Khelge / Maanya Anand). Their parents died when they were young. Both were raised by their grandmother Rajakelavi (Seeni Amma). Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar) is on the lookout for a perfect groom for Tulasi (Shwetha Khelge/ Maanya Anand). However, she repeatedly rejects potential grooms as she doesn't want to leave her brother. As fate would have it, she falls in love with Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar) nemesis Panchayat board officer Vetrivel alias Vetri (Ashwanth Thilak). The crux of the story is what happens between Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar)and Tulasi (Shwetha Khelge / Maanya Anand), whether Tulasi (Shwetha Khelge/ Maanya Anand) marries the groom chosen Vetri V/S Rajapandi by Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar) and how this affects their bond. Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar / Shree Kumar) brother would accept the person who works as a Panchayat board officer Vetrivel alias Vetri, if his sister Poorni Parameshwaran wishes. One of Chinrasu (Thaman Kumar/ Shree Kumar) brother in-law relatives, Rajapandi (Ashwanth Karthi), is also interested in marrying Tulasi (Shwetha Khelge / Maanya Anand), but he is not regarded as an ideal match because he smokes and drinks. When Rajapandi (Ashwanth Karthi) the village Panchayat board officer Vetrivel alias Vetri (Ashwanth Thilak) meet face to face, the quarrel begins.
Category: Sun tv Serial, Tamil TV Serials, Vanathai Pola,

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