14-05-2024 Sundari-Sun tv Serial

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Sundari 14-05-2024 Sun TV Sundhari 14.05.2024 Tamil Serial Online | Sundari 14/05/2024 Sun TV Serial Sundhari 14th May 2024 Watch Sun TV Sundhari 14.05.24 Serial Sundari 14/05/24 Latest Today Sunthari Episode Online Sunthari 14-05-2024 - Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 14-05-24 Sunthari Serial
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Watch 14-05-2024 Sundari Sun TV Serial. Enjoy Sundari in HD free online. Watch Sundari latest episode today updated. Watch free episode of Sundari in Tamil telecast on Sun Tv. Watch Sundari 14-05-2024 updated now and enjoy also more episodes of Sundari Sun TV Serial online Plot : The plot of the story revolves around a lower middle-class lady, Sundari (Gabrella Sellus), who lives in a village and is often judged and treated by other villagers with inequality due to her dark skin tone. How Sundari overcomes her challenges and achieves her dreams of working in the city, forms rest story. Cast : Gabriella Sellus, Krishna Raghunandan, Jishnu Menon, Shreegopika Neelanath Director : Azhagar Saamy Producer : Cinematographer Karaikudi Balasubramaniem (KT.Balu _ Manonmani Stores ), Abhishek Arunbabu Cinematography : Banumurugan, Vijayapaandi Synopsis: Now, Sundari Devi alias Sundari became IAS and lives with her grandma Gandhimathi, Thamizh (who is Anu and Karthick daughter), Mr. Krishnakanthan alias Krishna, Mrs. Malini Krishnakanthan and Kurangu Kumar. Mr. Krishna and Mrs.Malini have opened a Murugan convenience store. It is also about the story of Vetriselvan alias Vetri a former IAS officer lives with his son Akhilan Vetriselvan. It is also shows that Karthick is still alive and now he works as PT Master where his daughter Thamizh Karthikeyan and Akhilan Vetriselvan study in the same school.Then, Rajappan a ruthless village president and also enemy of Sundari, Vetri and Karthick and it forms the crux of the story. Circumstances force Karthik to marry an ambitious girl Sundari while in love with another. Later he ties the knot with Anu & leads a double life. Watch Sundari rise above the shackles of a loveless marriage to achieve her IAS dream.
Category: Sun tv Serial, Sundari, Tamil TV Serials,

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